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1-800-Flowers.com Facebook Fanpage: A Review

1-800-Flowers recently began a new social media campaign on Facebook to interact with their customers. The beauty of this campaign is that it not only “brings the shopping experience to where the customers already are,” but it also allows customers to interact with one another by providing them with ability to send flowers to friends on their birthdays.

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First, members of the fan page receive a 20% off discount code on purchases, and the convenience of shopping directly from facebook without having to leave the site.  Then, in a campaign called “Birthday Shoutout,” fanpage members get the chance to win free flowers for their friends by entering friends’ birthdays in the database.

Members are also eligible to win prizes in weekly drawings in a campaign called the “floral ambush,” where 10 winners are surprised with a floral bouquet each week. The site also sends out newsfeeds updates congratulating the winners, and alerting fans to new contests and products.

Unfortunately, while searching for “1-800-Flowers” facebook fan page, the first page that comes up is a club called “1-800-Flowers Sucks.” The actual 1-800-Flowers fanpage is listed under 1-800-Flower.com. In a previous post I mentioned how negative brand buzz is so easily perpetuated on social networking sites. As easily as someone can be a brand advocate, they can be a brand “hater.” The positive buzz generated from the 1-800-Flowers.com fanpage will probably drown out the negative buzz from the “1-800-Flowers Sucks” site (especially since the brand’s site has over 7,000 members, while “Sucks” has only 124).

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Despite negative buzz from the “Sucks” page, I find the new 1-800-Flowers social networking campaign ingenious because it directly connects the brand with its consumers, and then encourages those consumers to connect with one another. In the very act of giving someone flowers, the brand message spreads from mouth to mouth through the social media platform.


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