Sweethearts Candy’s “Tweet Me” Message is Short and Sweet

I love Valentines Day. Not only because it happens to be my birthday, but also because it’s a bright spot in the otherwise bleak month of February. In the midst of the coldest month, I love walking into stores festooned with sparkly heart and cupid decorations, eating pink and red m&m’s, and receiving hand-made valentines penned on delicate doilies. I resent those people claiming to be “anti-valentines day” and consider this stance a personal affront (it’s my birthday, come on!).

This is also why I love the new partnership between Twitter and Sweethearts candies. As of today, Sweethearts, the 145 year-old brand whose heart shape, pastel colors, and “kiss me” messages have become a symbol of February 14th, will this year include a new message: “tweet me.” The new message will launch in tandem with an iPhone app whereby users can send their valentines a personalized electronic Sweethearts box that will be displayed on the recipients twitter page.

The campaign feels like a logical pairing: Sweethearts have always been up on the latest technology trends (remember “fax me?”), and Twitter is one of the fastest growing and most relevant social media platforms in use today. Both brands are based on sending short messages where brevity is key. While I tend to prefer long, detailed love poems where my valentine pontificates on all my best qualities, nothing gets the message across like those chalky little candies. Even “I love you” in under 140 characters will do when my lover is tweeting my praises to his entire social network. I’m hoping my valentine is clued in to this branding and social media partnership, and that a “Happy Birthday/Valentines Day” message appears on my twitter page come February 14th. Until then, I’ll be picking through all 80 messages in the Sweethearts box to find the new “tweet me” candy to send him. Hint, hint!



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5 responses to “Sweethearts Candy’s “Tweet Me” Message is Short and Sweet

  1. I think it’s bad enough that Sweethearts have such resonance with the emotional core of (the admittedly commercial) Valentine’s Day. That the deal with Twitter further integrates the social realm with the commercial one I find unfortunate.

    • But it’s all commercial, don’t you think? Everyone wants to make a profit and promote their brand. To that end, I think the social media tie-in is a great way for both companies to capitalize on Val day.

  2. Hey this is great blog (I’m definitely going to bookmark it) but I have a question I was thinking about putting some stuff together for Valentine’s Day for my girlfriend.. maybe like a photo frame or something I don’t know exactly what to do.. you think you can help me out? I wanted something nice maybe like a gift basket but I don’t want to be too corny. Can anyone help me out?

    • I think the photo frame with a picture of the two of you is a great idea! Anything personal and from the heart is best – I’d steer away from things like gift baskets, unless it’s a collection of little things you’ve picked out yourself. Chocolate and flowers are always a great fall back idea as well. Good luck!

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